Dear Earthlings, Save yourselves! It’s NOT the end of the World!

It could be the end of the world. From out here in the infinite continuum it looks bleak for you Earthlings, mostly because you’re surrounded by Earthlings. A lot of you have been hearing (Or proselytizing)  about the end of the World. If you’re reading this then – either congratulations or I’m sorry.

Disappointed? Shocked? Didn’t know? Don’t care?

There’s a cure!

Big Dirt has a new Album, Start All Over. Appropriate, no? Check it out and buy it on Bandcamp:

And because you are super special, and Friends of Big Dirt, if you go visit our Facebook page you will find the super secret code that will give you 20% off!

I want to let you know, too, that there have been some strange and wonderful sounds floating to me out here. Sounds I think you will like. Sounds of Birds … yes, sounds of Larks and Owls, one might even say …  fate  …  in the most ingenious and  tremendously eery way. It makes me think of Black and White  … grainy photos of a Wounded Bird, who’s misplaced silent partner’s, sanguine maladies that beget murder by stray rayz. And the opportunity to resuscitate new life through the Uke and the eye. Stay tuned for your soul. All will be revealed soon, earthling friends, soon.

But for now, do not listen for the end. Your actions are of no consequence in this matter. Shed your shadows and reach.



One Response to “Dear Earthlings, Save yourselves! It’s NOT the end of the World!”

  1. that was great mike

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